Saturday, September 5, 2009

Interesting insights into SSRs

Am doing further studies on SSRs and found some interesting items:

- as I said before, AirAsia, being low-cost carrier, does not do much SSR. They have explicitly said they do not handle UMs. For them, "Children under 12 years old on the day of travel requiring supervision will not be regarded as able to travel independently on the basis that they may endanger themselves or others if travelling unaccompanied." <- O RLY? I've seen more damages being done by adults...

-AK now does handle wheelchair-bound passengers, but only after they got a lot of flak for not providing the service...And they have further TnC attached...

"AirAsia can carry only a maximum of 8 guests per flight who have reduced mobility* provided that quadraplegic guests are limited to not more than 4 per flight. Under certain circumstances we may require the guest to travel with a companion.

* 'reduced mobility' refers to paraplegic or quadriplegic guests."

-Lactose-intolerant and gluten-allergic are covered with special meals, but peanut-allergic are NOT among them. Not really surprising though, given how much peanuts are on board the aircraft. On a side note I like those salty peanuts MAS serves and I WON'T be happy if they are gone...

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