Friday, August 7, 2009

User Requirement interview

Just called both MH station at JHB as well as the airport. MH said that I should refer to station manager at the airport, while Senai said the HR dept. should be the one I refer to, both during weekdays office hours.

That proves rather problematic as I have no transportation ( That Proton Wira back in KB that is earmarked for my usage here is being fixed after someone decided it would be a good idea to crash onto it...) and taxi fare to and fro JHB would be like RM60, not to mention I only have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday free after 12pm... Probably it would be easier if I could just do the interview via the phone instead of going to Senai.

Regardless it seems I won't be able to complete Chapter 2 before 13th...

1 comment:

  1. common dude, u decided to proceed with the title. so, u really need to go 1 time to the airport to get the real user requirement. just like shiek, he went to sushi king to do his interview, he failed but i think he will figure it out later ! u can't just proceed with the fyp without the user requirement, coz it'll be a good project without user demand!