Friday, July 17, 2009

Basic insights into my planned PSM project

After toying with the blog system to get myself more familiar to the Blogger system by posting some off-topic items, it is time to get more concentrated on the PSM itself.

Basically what the system I'm planning to do, provided it's approved by the PSM commitee, is about passenger tracking system for those with Special Service Requests (SSRs) uasing RFID system. That's especially useful to track unaccompanied minors. BTW I used to be kinda fidgety and wouldn't stay seated but luckily I didn't end up boarding a flight to nowhere like this poor child (discussions about the event).

I originally intended to integrate the RFID system into PNR (passenger name record) database, since SSR supplements PNR, but instead I'm thinking of making it an entirely independent system due to:

1. different airlines may have different PNR formats, especially among LCCs and non-IATA airlines, and

2. I doubt any airlines or travel agents will provide me sufficient information on how to decode this (sourced from here):

MPM304/JC YULOU 2GM3/JC AG 69145576 22FEB
1 AC 105Y 21DEC YYZYVR BK1 0715 0916 FR
2 AC3992Y 28DEC YVRYYZ BK1 1430 2141 FR
FONE-YULAS/514-874-0202 BSP CANADA IDS/69145576-JOAN

All I know from this record field is that someone named Allan has booked on 22 February a return trip from Toronto (YYZ) to Vancouver (YVR) on Air Canada (AC) flights AC105, departing at 0715 on 21st December,  and returning aboard  AC3992 at 1430 on 28th December, aboard Economy Class (Y) on both legs. There's no indication that Allan has requested any SSR, but that's beside the point.

Seeing these circumstances, I'm thinking of implementing the system by coding the passenger's name and the details into whatever space available in the RFID tag, rather than retrieve it from PNR. I'll probably use Java for this system, but I'm still looking for an appropriate database system.

More updates to come when I come across some ideas.

More info regarding SSR codes. Not all of the codes are within the scope of the system.

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